Welcome to TEEX Documentation

Thank you very much for keeping an eye on TEEX project. This documentation is now at an initial version and new content is coming soon. Feel free to reach out to contact@teex.io if you find anything missing.

Quickstart Guide

Step 1: Install Wallet


TEEX Testnet is set up on a private Ethereum network only used for testing purposes. We temporarily use an ERC-20 Token as our test token. To get your first private application running, you will need an ERC20-compatible wallet to manage your account and pay for some necessary fees on TEEX testnet.

It is recommended to use MetaMask as your test wallet. Here we offer a brief tutorial to familiarize you with installation and use of MetaMask in TEEX Testnet.

MetaMask Introduction

MetaMask is a lightweight and free browser-extension on Chrome or Firefox. You can quickly get it from the browser web store.
Below is Metamask official video. If you are a veteran´╝îyou can probably skip this chapter.


If the video does not work on your browser, you can access this version.

1. Create Account and Configuration

After completing the installation, you should have obtained a unique Ethereum account. Please be careful to save your secret information (i.e., private key and mnemonic phrases).

Connect to TEEX Testnet

Click the round icon in the upper right corner and select the setting button from the drop-down box. Scroll down to the New Network option, click Show Advanced Options, enter the following information and click save. If all goes well, MetaMask will try to connect to TEEX Testnet automatically.

Field name Value
New RPC URL https://teex.io/chain
ChainID (optional) 2019
Symbol (optional) TEST-ETH
Nickname (optional) TEEX TestNet

Add TEEX Token

  1. Click the menu button in the upper left corner and click add token in the bottom.
  2. Then select the Custom Token tab and fill the Token Address column with 0xB127af3CDE8ba755F42553c383Fd368BC4f8C25a. If it goes well, the Token Symbol column and the Decimal of Precision will be autofilled as shown in the following figure.
  3. Finally, click Next and click Add Token when it shows your TEC balance.

Step 2: Obtain TEEX TestNet Tokens


Before obtaining TEEX Testnet tokens, you need to know your wallet address. Open MetaMask and click the account name, then your wallet address will be copied to the clipboard.

  1. Visit the TEEX faucet at https://teex.io/faucet.
  2. Provide your email address and enter the verification code you receive.
  3. Paste your wallet address into the third field, and click fund me. You will receive 1000 TEC soon. Check it in your wallet:)


  • TEEX TestNet tokens have no value. They can only be used on the TEEX Testnet and can not circulate in the markets or be traded for real goods and services.
  • We will only send you emails through our official email address contact@teex.io. Don't trust any emails from other sources. And we will never ask you for money or tokens (ETH, BTC and so on) in any way. And our team cannot be responsible for your losses from scams.
  • Each email address will be entitled to only one fund per 8 hours

Step 3: Install TEEX Developer SDK

The TEEX SDK is a development environment allowing you to build, test, and deploy smart contracts written in Python freely. We highly recommend you use the TEEX SDK.

Install SDK

  1. Install Docker if you don't have it already. You can download Docker here.
  2. Download the TEEX docker image: docker pull teextestnet/teex-tools

You can launch the Contract Kit from a project directory with

$ docker run -ti teextesetnet/teex-tools /bin/bash

For more information, see the Developer Tools.

Step 4: Start Building

Congratulations! You're now ready to build your private contract on TEEX TestNet.


The TEEX TestNet currently enforces a rate limit to prevent spamming and ensure a high quality experience for developers. If your transactions fail, please reduce the rate of your requests or wait a little while before trying again. If these limits are causing an issue for your privacy, please contact contact@teex.io.