TEEX Officially Launched the Public TestNet

A large-scale data security incident broke out in SenseNets —— an artificial intelligence company. More than 2.5 million people's data were leaked, including the sensitive information such as identity cards and face recognition images. In recent years, such data leakage incidents emerge in endlessly, and effective solutions are urgently needed in the field of data security.

TEEX, as a Layer-2 privacy solution based on the existing blockchain system, provides users with a decentralized and privacy-preserved trusted computing resources and data service sharing platform. At a time when blockchain and data industries are in urgent need of breakthroughs, TEEX formally announces the launch of TestNet, bringing an opportunity for current chaotic data security situation. At the same time, TEEX and some well-known enterprises from artificial intelligence, big-data computing and other fields have already built in-depth cooperation to effectively address their data security needs.

To help the community understand and use TEEX TestNet, the TEEX team have given explanations to several key questions:

1. What is TEEX TestNet?
TEEX TestNet is a test version of TEEX, which implements the basic architecture and main functions of TEEX system and provides a usable test environment for early developers and users. The TestNet is equipped with real trusted execution environment. Developers and users can deploy and try real security services in the TestNet.

2. What does the TestNet provide?

Compatible with the Layer-2 solution of Ethereum: TEEX TestNet leverages Ethereum as the fundamental public blockchain, and compatible with the latest protocols and related facilities of Ethereum, which can be used as the Layer-2 solution for the privacy and scalability.

Complete security service framework: TEEX security service is similar to the existing Serverless or FaaS service, which runs in the isolated environment of the TestNet and receives user input, executes and returns results through the secure channel. TEEX TestNet provides a complete framework for service deployment, running and invocation, ensuring security of data & code as well as functional integrity.

Native development environment for Python: At present, developers can use Python to develop and test services in TEEX TestNet. TEEX trusted execution environment is equipped with native Python running environment, supporting all standard libraries and some non-standard libraries (such as TensorFlow, and is constantly improving and expanding). Python developers can easily develop and deploy their own services.

Easy-to-use development tools: TEEX TestNet provides a set of docker-based tools for developers and users to develop and invoke TEEX security services, including TEEX-debug (test tool), TEEX-deploy (deployment tool), TEEX-client (invocation tool) and some sample service codes.

Documents and communities: TEEX TestNet provides developers and users with detailed documentation and user manual to help them quickly understand TEEX TestNet and easily build their own services. At the same time, we built a technology community for communication and feedback.

3. TEEX architecture
TEEX provides a secure and decentralized framework for sharing computing resources. Service Providers can develop and deploy services and store them securely in TEE Distributed Storage Service by Service Manager. Devices with TEE enabled can participate in as workers and run the services in the network. Users can communicate with the services running in the worker's machine through secure channel to ensure the security of data in the process of using the services. Metadata and contract-related non-sensitive data will be publicly registered on the blockchain to ensure the verifiability and auditability of the computing process.

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4. Can common users use the TestNet? How to use it?

Yes. The TestNet is currently in the public testing phase and everyone can try it. The following four steps can be used to quickly build the TestNet development environment:

1.     Install a digital wallet that supports ERC-20, and connect to TEEX TestNet port ( Add TEEX test token address (0x59BEa386bde87Eb48C810723bfB58614Ae04cF73)

2.     Visit for test token.

3.     Quick acquisition of TEEX TestNet SDK using docker: docker pull teextestnet/teex-tools

4.     Develop or try security services using TEEX Tools

In addition, we provide a detailed user manual and tutorial, referring to the document

5. Test token     

Users can collect test token from TEEX for experiencing TestNet related services. The test token is only valid in TEEX TestNet, it has no economic value and legal effect and can not be used in any form of transactions.

6. How will TEEX TestNet evolve in the future?           

The main purpose of the TestNet is to help improve and enrich the basic functions of TEEX network and lay a solid foundation for the subsequent main network. We will continue to add more functions to it, such as some cryptography-based privacy computing mechanisms, providing security features such as trusted storage. As for usability, we will provide privacy wallet solutions, more programming languages for private smart contract, and so on. At the same time, we will work with community developers to develop more data services based on TEEX and build a sound and trusted data ecology. We believe TEEX will not let you down in the future.