TEEX@Conflux meetup | TEEX: TEE for Layer-2

On Mar. 24th, TEEX attended the Conflux meetup event as the co-organizer in Shanghai, on which Prof. Yubin Xia, the Chief Scientist of TEEX delivered the speech with the topic “TEEX: TEE for Layer-2”.He also shared his ideas with Dr. Ming Wu (CTO of Conflux), Yuanjie Zhang (COO of Conflux), the senior investment manager of Sequoia Capital and more than 100 participating blockchain developers.

On Prof Yubin Xia’s speech,he introduced how TEEX combines TEE and Blockchain technology to protect the privacy and integrity of data. In our daily life we create colossal amounts of data every single day. In common sense the data’s ownership should belong to who created it, but in reality, our data is controlled by big companies, often accompanied by the problems with data leakage and data loss. TEE(Trusted Execution Environment) is an isolate execution environment provides security features such as mutual isolation, integrity of execution, and so on. TEEX is a secure distributed computing platform which provides a Layer-2 solution to eliminate two fundamental limitations of traditional blockchains: privacy and scalability. TEEX Network enables the deployment and invocation of secure services. Our Layer-2 solution unites worlds’ TEE devices including mobile and laptops into a union, which enables us to explore more value of data based on the blockchain infrastructure.

In this meetup, the audiences were impressed by the technical advantages and development potentials of TEEX and constructed a strong faith in TEEX’s future. Below is the summary of the Q&A session.

Q1. What is the relationship between the TEE and MPC ?
Prof Xia: MPC is still at an early stage. TEE can cover all the senarios that MPC and GC apply to. And the performance is much better.
Q2. How does TEE defend malicious codes?
Prof Xia: This is a good question. First we should decide whether the code will be open-sourced or not. If not, we only allow the model calculate the provider's own data.
Q3. How to evaluate the security of TEE? How to avoid the defects of TEE itself?
Prof Xia: There are some security flaws in TEE. We combines software and hardware to defend against these vulnerabilities. There is no technology can guarantee 100% safety. It depends on the cost of attacks and the value of data that we want to protect. We aim to ensure different degrees of data security with corresponding level of technology.

As for the technical ability of TEEX team, Prof. Xia said We know tee well, We have been focused on TEE over 9 years. Our papers are published on top-tier international conferences including ISCA, HPCA, USENIX Security, CCS, USENIX ATC, EuroSys, etc..
Currently TEEX Testnet is set up, it’s a development environment that allows early developer to build, test, and deploy smart contracts on. Currently, developer can write secure service code simply with Python.
Visit TEEX TestNet:

At the end of the meetup, the guests exchanged their opinions on the topic "The Future of the Next Generation Public blockchain Application Prospects". They believe there are two directions for the public blockchain in the future which is technology-driven, resource-driven and optimistic about technology-driven.
The meetup event ended up with an academic atmosphere. At the end of the event, Sheng Wu, the former world championship of Dota, arrived at the scene. He shared some ideas about the combination of blockchain and e-sports.
We believe that blockchain technology will change the world, TEEX will continue to make efforts to ensure data security and help users to take back control of their personal data. the TEEX team will share more cutting-edge technology about date privacy and safety.