TEEX Bi-weekly updated (8 Apr-21 Apr 2019)

Welcome to our bi-weekly update! In the two weeks that have passed,we continued to crack a hard nut in tech research.As a result we achieved remarkable progress that laid a solid foundation for the breakthroughs on the following weeks.For activities,TEEX co-hosted activities together with EEA ,Crypto Mondays and achieved great success.The details are as follows:

Technology development

For the last two weeks, we continued to improve TEEX’s network functionality to include features such as updating TEEX's network and deploying TEEX service support. We expected these features to be available within the next couple of days through TEEX TestNet in In the meanwhile, we were trying to improve TEEX developer tools and complete 50% progress of TEEX-data upload to make the system more stable. And also, we fully understand the importance of Whitepaper . Therefore, we are updating TEEX new infrastructure model and workflow,adding Specific description of the Off-chain Execution framework, integrating part of PIXIU design,making detailed description of TEE-DS design and adding the description of TXVisor in terms of security enhancements.


On Apr.12th, TEEX was invited to attend the first conference of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance held in Beijing China, Dr. Ryan Yu, the co-founder of  TEEX delivered the speech with the topic TEEX: TEE for Layer-2In this meetup, the audiences were impressed by the technical advantages and development potentials of TEEX and constructed a strong faith in TEEX ’s future.The EEA is a member-driven standards organization whose charter is to develop open, blockchain specifications that drive harmonization and interoperability for businesses and consumers worldwide.

On Apr. 15th, TEEX attended the CryptoMondays meetup event as the co-organizer in Shanghai, The subject is “Reshaping the Digital Economy; how blockchain could be implemented to achieve it?” Dr. Ryan Yu shared his ideas with Yvonn (Community APAC Manager@ Ocean Protocol),Haichao Zhu (Researcher@ Nervos), Joseph Lim (Venture Manager @ Tribe Accelerator), Dr. Bin Zhao (Co-founder & CTO@ CPChain) and more than 50 participating blockchain developers coming all the way from Singapore,  Germany,  Hangzhou & Shanghai.

From March 18th to May 31th, we hosted the privacy calculation competition at JiaoTong University. After Dr. Ryan Yu introduced the TEEX project , we’ve received numerous insightful and innovative feedback from the students. We have been truly enlightened by those great minds.

In the following weeks we are going to hold a series of mini activities in our community. Looking forward to your participation! As long as we make 

joint efforts step by step, we will create a TEEX more robust than ever!